Chris was inspired to donate when he watched an interview on the news in 2017.  Donating was not something he had thought much about before that day.  That interview stirred up a strong sense to give.  He had been blessed with good health and it felt natural to share life with others. 

He is climbing because of his strong sense of advocacy.  Next to donating, he believes advocating for living donation and bringing awareness to the need is just as important.  Being part of a group of living donors of all ages and climbing this amazing mountain shows the world that donation is nothing to fear, and in fact, it can jump-start your life in new and amazing ways. 

Chris is a Vice President of Sales for the Fenix Group and lives in Littleton Colorado.  He lives with his wife Vicki, sons, Conor and Brady, daughter Amelia and 13-year-old lab Mocha.  When he is not climbing mountains he enjoys biking, CrossFit, cooking, travel, and trying new things.

Chris donated his kidney on September 30, 2020, at UC Health Anschutz, Denver, Colorado.  “My one kidney helped save four people – to me that was just the right thing to do.”

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