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Celebrate kidney donation by sporting unique merchandise

KDA Shirts & More!

Want to celebrate kidney donation by sporting some unique merchandise? You’ve come to the right place! Wearing a KDA shirt, drinking out of a KDA mug, or walking through the airport with a KDA backpack is a sure way to spark a conversation about living kidney donation.

NOTE: Our Orange Mud sponsored gear store (non-cycling gear) is open year-round, and screen-printed items are available quarterly (from the 10th through the 20th in February, May, August, and November). Offerings change throughout the year so check back often!

Merchandise faq

Where can I get a KDA t-shirt?

A: We have a year-round web store hosted by our good friends at Orange Mud that you can see here! Embroidered items are available all year, and our screen printed items (like t-shirts and sweatshirts) are available on a quarterly basis – every February, May, August, and November.

Kidney Donor Athletes Tshirt

Where can I get a KDA Cycling Kit?

Cycling gear is now also available year-round with international shipping!: Shop KDA Cycling Gear

I live outside the United States. Can I order KDA gear?

All of our gear is available for international shipping! Visit our Orange Mud hosted KDA merchandise store and our KDA cycling store for options!

Kidney Donor Athlete Bike Kit

I placed an order – how long before it ships?

A: Screenprint and embroidery items will be shipped within 4 weeks. The tech t’s come from overseas and are custom made – that’s the singlet, long sleeve, short sleeve in red and the one teal t, those will take 6 weeks. For specifics regarding your order and the estimated shipping should be directed to Orange Mud. You can email them at

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