Please consider donating to this impactful program!

The mission of Kidney Donor Athletes is to increase the number of living kidney donors through education and featuring kidney donor athletes from around the world.

What will your donation contribute to?

Monthly operating costs of the website.

Growing the mentoring program to support more potential donors and include more living donors.

As of February 2019, there are more than 100 living donor mentors representing 5 countries, and more than 50 ‘kidney curious’ people have been paired with them.

Increased video production to feature donor interviews as well as athletic events that donor athletes are competing in.

So far in 2019, I have three donor interviews and three donor athletic events scheduled. One of those is the Leadville 100!

Scholarships for athletes to attend the Transplant Games.

Impactful education through written content, videos, and photographs to prove that it is possible to live a healthy, thriving life with one kidney.

Special events to bring the kidney community together.

More testimonials from kidney donor athletes across the globe.

Administrative fees for maintaining 501c3 status.

Printed materials for information booths at events.


Every dollar makes a difference, every interaction makes a difference, and every opportunity to educate makes a difference! This community is having a significant impact which results in more lives being saved.



Our Kidney Donor Athletes can climb mountains, run ultramarathons, compete in IronMan triathlons, and even leap over fire, all in the name of showing firsthand what is possible! This community is changing the face of what it means to be a living kidney donor.

Thank you so much for your support!