Jay was inspired to donate to pay back a debt of gratitude.  Thirteen years ago, Jay was caught in an avalanche that broke his leg, shattering his pelvis and severing nerves and arteries.  His friend Bill saved his life by stabilizing him, building a fire to keep him alive, and calling search and rescue.  Eight hours later they were both extracted to safety.  Jay made a promise to Bill that he would eternally be in his debt, and if he ever needed anything simply ask.  

Ten years later Bill’s one remaining kidney started failing and he asked if Jay would consider donation.  One year later Jay donated his kidney to help save Bill’s life, repaying that eternal debt.

Jay is climbing to raise awareness for living kidney donation and spend time with some of the most amazing people in the world. 

Jay is in software sales and lives in Frisco, Colorado.    He has two adult children, Zac and Annie. When he is not climbing mountains he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, rowing, and anything outdoors.  Jay donated his kidney on November 1, 2019, at UC Health Anschutz, Denver Colorado. He is also climbing “to work on being able to tell my donation story in public without crying.”

There’s much more to Jay’s amazing and generous story in his interview with Krystle 93 Evening News and the Summit Daily news article.

More information about living kidney donation and Kidney Donor Athletes can be found at kidneyregistry.org and kidneydonorathlete.org

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