Shannon knew at a young age that she might one day need to donate a kidney to her brother after he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Decades later, after a bone marrow donation was abruptly canceled, she knew it was time to donate a kidney. Her brother didn’t need it, so she gave it to a stranger.

She is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro because she loves a challenge, and it supports a cause that has been life-changing for her in all the best ways. She is thrilled and honored to have been selected to join fellow donors on this important mission to show the world that life with one kidney is better than two!

Shannon is the founder and Executive Director of Lone Star Wheelers and resides in Plano, Texas with her husband, Chris, and dog, Fraggle. When she is not climbing mountains she has a passion for cycling, traveling, reading, and trying new things. She donated her kidney on May 2, 2018, at Medical City Ft. Worth in Texas. “I dreamt of meeting my recipient one day and having them be like family; however, it turns out the family I gained was through the donor community!”

Shannon’s inspirational donation story and her reason for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has been featured in Plano Magazine and the Dallas Morning News.

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