My name is Sierra and I had the honor of donating a kidney to a friend named Misha. She is doing really well!   

Before the surgery, my activity level was great. I boxed and also ran a lot. I was very active and loved lifting weights also.   

I had some fears going into surgery but I did everything I could to make sure I was calm.  

My post-surgery recovery  went well. One month after surgery I was able to walk on my own without help and stand up straight. It took me four months to truly return to fitness and I took it very slow. I was only doing light cardio.  

Six months into recovery I was able to dive into core exercise like I wanted. I use to have slight pain when I attempted core exercises which was unexpected to me. I was patient and I was able to maneuver better a week or two after the pain.  

Now that the surgery is complete, I feel the same as I did before surgery. I don’t feel like a kidney is missing, but I do have a scar that reminds me of the surgery daily.  

Now I take precautions when it comes to stretching my stomach. I think twice before doing exercises that allow me to stretch and use my core.  

After a year, I felt back to myself 100%. I am more comfortable and confident with jumping into working out. I have no worries. I still put in the same effort now that I did before the surgery. I am glad I was able to help someone in the process and my fitness level and energy is back and continues to get better. 

To anyone who is considering donating a kidney I would recommend that you make sure you are healthy. You want to make sure you are giving the healthiest kidney possible!