KDA has an exciting announcement! We are ready for a big step – to get our community more involved in our mission! If you are able to commit a minimum of two hours each month and can also commit to being a part of a sub-committee group for at least one year then you are who we are looking for!

The mission of Kidney Donor Athletes is to promote the gift of life through living kidney donation among active individuals and athletes by building a community that inspires, supports, and educates people about the experience of kidney donation. In support of this mission, and as part of our 3-year strategic plan, we are looking for KDA members to serve on several committees that will help us create detailed, annual plans that support our marketing, fundraising, events and programming efforts. Deliverables for each plan are below. Please send interest in participating to info@kidneydonorathlete.org.  Be sure to include which group(s) you are interested in as well as your kidney donation date.

You will then hear from the committee chair with some follow-up questions. If you are not available to commit the amount of time we are looking for know that there will be opportunities to volunteer with us on shorter term projects (like events!) in the near future.


  • Document and define annual metrics and future targets;
  • Engage KDA’s and encourage them to share donation experience with the public;
  • Increase our presence on social media platforms;

(Year 2: Create/launch KDA podcast.)


  • Document strategies to fundraise for KDA;
  • Define processes and procedures for effective recognition and tracking of monetary donations;
  • Identify opportunities to work with the Events Committee to create fundraising streams;
  • Effectively leverage donation platforms such as National Giving Day and Amazon Smile.


  • Identify events that will be held in Years 1 and 2;
  • Determine best practices for evaluating effectiveness of events and defining steps to improve or discontinue events in future years;
  • Identify opportunities to work with Fundraising Committee to maximize fundraising efforts;
  • Engage members of the KDA community to help plan and execute specific events.

(Current event ideas: Yahtzee Tournament, Kindness in Action, Kili Climb / Virtual Run, Family Reunion, Run)


  • Define program offerings as well as metrics to target future growth
  • Expand and formalize the existing mentoring program
  • Establish formal Welcome Program that sends KDA care packages to new donors
  • Defines and creates a membership model
  • Form relationships with as many Transplant Coordinators and Centers as possible.

(Year 2: Create/distribute educational supplements; plan/host panel discussions with donor athletes; implement Milestone Event Scholarship Program.)

Thank you for considering volunteering to help Kidney Donor Athletes move our mission forward in bigger and more impactful ways! We are looking forward to receiving your messages at info@kidneydonorathlete.org

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