KDA’s Web Store is OPEN!

I have great news! The first ever Kidney Donor Athletes web store is open for business! … Until July 1st at midnight!


My hope is that by wearing KDA gear, people will ask about it. And the more people that ask about it means more people are learning about kidney donation!

KDA gear2

Check out the link and if you see something you like, please make your purchase by midnight on Monday!

If you live in the Denver area or are going to the Kidney Donor Weekend July 20th – 21st you can choose the ‘Event Pick Up’ option and not be charged shipping.


I will have another web store in about six months with long-sleeved shirts and hoodies. Thanks to all of you that have already submitted your orders!

KDA gear

4 thoughts on “KDA’s Web Store is OPEN!

  1. LOVE this and I got my KDA tank ordered, thanks so much Tracey and team! Hope to see you the weekend of July 21. P.S. LOVE the picture of you displaying the gear.

  2. Hi Tracey, Great initiative and the products look good. Any way to broadcast the message of living kidney donation is valuable so all the best from the DonorPlus team in Australia!

  3. I am doing a Spartan race in September- I would love to take the opportunity to bring awareness to living donation! Is there any way to get a tank prior to the shop opening back up??

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks for the comment and for wanting to bring more awareness to kidney donation! We likely won’t have another web store open until this winter, but we are working towards eventually have a year round web store! It’s amazing to get so many messages from people that want to support KDA and share their stories at the same time! If you have Instagram or Facebook please be sure to follow those pages to stay up to date on what’s happening and when the next web store opens up! Good luck in your Spartan Race!

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