Today was another step towards growing Kidney Donor Athletes, and it was also a great reminder.

First off, I have a business checking account! I am so happy that donations have been coming in to help me take this advocacy work to the next level!

bank account day

And secondly, the woman who helped me open the account was wonderful. I’ve been working on this non-profit since last August and it is growing more and more each month. (The website is getting more than 3,000 views this month!!)

I have a full-time job, so when I am not doing that it is a lot of responding to messages, putting together content, learning how to use my new video production gear (yay!), connecting potential donors with living donors in their area… and I can get really focused on the details.

As I was at the woman’s desk opening the account today, she asked me what the mission of this organization was. I said ‘Kidney donation advocacy work to increase the number of living donors in the United States and other countries.’ It rolled off my tongue with the same ease as ordering a turkey club from Applebee’s.

When I looked up she was just staring at me and said ‘Wow. That is amazing work to be doing.’ Huh – she’s right. I am in these details every day and can lose sight of that.

Then she went to the counter to make the deposit and print some copies. I (compulsively) checked my messages while she was gone and had received one from a man that is hoping he is able to donate his kidney to his son in a few months, and thanked me for the website and the inspirational content. Of course, I smiled and told her about it when she came back to her desk. She looked at me with teary eyes and said ‘you are just full of smiles and doing amazing things.’


All of us in this community are doing great things. So many of us are living by example, sharing our stories, connecting with others, demystifying the donation process, and it is making a difference. It is making a BIG difference.

Cheers Kidney Community! We are growing and making great things happen every day!

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