Kidney community, it was a big week for Kidney Donor Athletes. A VERY big week.

Over the past few months, I have been giving a lot of thought as to the direction I want to take this non-profit over the next year and beyond. Other people had lots of ideas – really great ideas, but not many really made my soul feel on fire. And if I’m going to go through the work of starting a non–profit and creating something from nothing, I want to feel on fire about it!

Then it hit me. How could I get the message to reach even further? How could I influence more audiences? How could I up the odds that someone who has never even heard of live donation will learn about it thanks to Kidney Donor Athletes?

More people than I ever expected are reading the stories I am posting, but what if there was also a video element? Instantly I knew I wanted to create videos of donor interviews, and also cover events that donors are participating in! 

Last Tuesday on a flight back home I decided to do it – I felt the fire, I HAD to get this ball rolling, and if I had to foot the entire bill of all the equipment, I would do it. I spent the first ten years of my career in video production and have wanted to get back into it every day since!

plane window


I had yet to fundraise for so much as a shiny nickel since I started this organization, but with the price tag of the equipment, I figured I’d at least try. And I was able to fundraise $5,500 in only two days!!! I am still dumbfounded. Most of that total is from a wonderful couple in southern Florida that are members of Donor to Donor. (I am a new member of that organization as well!) Betsy and Peter Snow, I can’t even thank you enough. 

This past week I have felt the support of this community, and believe that this platform is getting people talking, and is inspiring people. This is the most meaningful work I have done in my entire life, and I cannot wait to get the video production rolling! Anyone with an internet connection could see the content, and it could change lives.

I have my first three interviewees lined up, and am getting my event calendar ready  – so far it includes a century ride, and a 100 miler! Bobby and Leslie are also both participating in the Grand Circle Trailfest in October, so I’m hoping I can get down there to cover that as well.



Thanks to all the kind people that support Kidney Donor Athletes and the work I am doing to drive it forward. Everything from the people I’ve met, to the stories I’ve heard, to the traffic the website is getting is absolutely jaw-dropping. I am honored to do this work. 

All the best  –

Tracey Hulick