Hello Kidney Donors Athletes!!

One of the wonderful benefits of founding this organization has been creating a community of truly phenomenal people! I have had the joy of meeting some of you in person, connecting people in their own cities, and corresponding with well over 100 donors and potential donors in just the last 3 months!

group photo

courage and compassion

Everyone pictured above is a kidney donor!


Many of you had said that you’d love to attend an event where as many of us as possible could meet… and we will do just that! Please mark your calendars for the weekend of July 20th of 2019!

Kidney Donor Athletes will have a team participating in the Donor Dash here in Denver! The Donor Dash is on Sunday, July 21st, and I will also organize a group hike up Mount Falcon on Saturday, July 20th, as well as a dinner for anyone who would like to attend.



Please save the date and shoot me a message if you think you will be interested! I will post updates here as the event weekend gets closer but would like a rough idea along the way of how many people plan to participate. (You can go to the Contact tab and message me that way.)

We are a part of an incredible (and growing) community – I look forward to bringing us together in person!

Your fellow 1 kidney friend ~


(By the way, the Donor Dash is a very laid back event  – most people walk, talk, and are social during it. You can race it though. Not many people do, but hey, you’re a Kidney Donor Athlete and if you want to run it then go for it!)