Dear Soon-to-be Kidney Donor

**Heads up - there are some pictures of real kidneys in here. If you're super squeamish please skip this altogether, or be prepared to scroll real fast past those.** Dear Soon-to-be kidney donor, First off, congratulations on pursuing one of the kindest acts a person can ever do - donating a kidney! Secondly, I am … Continue reading Dear Soon-to-be Kidney Donor

Kidney Donor Athlete Martha – a Post-Op Update!

(Martha wrote her first post before surgery which you can find here.) Reflections on being a Living Kidney Donor at three days post-op:   First, thank you to everyone from this group, Kidney Donor Athletes, for all of your support, prayers and well wishes. You have helped me be confident and reassured going into my … Continue reading Kidney Donor Athlete Martha – a Post-Op Update!