Meet Kidney Donor Athlete, Skip!

At age 44, a friend challenged me to train for a marathon.  I was an occasional runner at best and an out-of-shape husband and father of two little ones.  I accepted and ran/walked the 2005 Twin Cities Marathon in 4:18.  “Never again,“ I said. That sucked.  Completely absorbed by our careers, and growing family, my … Continue reading Meet Kidney Donor Athlete, Skip!

Bobby’s Journey – Second Installment!

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? That question we asked as kids or heard as parents. Over and over and over. Well, as my non-directed donor day of January 2, 2019, rapidly approaches, I'm intentionally slowing down to reflect on this and stay in the moment for those thoughts and reflections as "the … Continue reading Bobby’s Journey – Second Installment!