Resources for Living Donation

The National Kidney Foundation is a great resource to start with. I have been partnering with them for some advocacy work and public speaking since moving to Denver earlier this yet.


UW Health – Transplant Center in Madison, Wisconsin

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with UW. They were responsive, compassionate, and incredibly warm during the entire process.

uw transplant center

The DonorPlus App has been created by a living donor to support other living donors. Although it’s at an early stage, I’m looking forward to seeing new features as they are released throughout the year.


My dear friend Patty Graham did an Ignite talk in Boulder earlier this year about her kidney donation. (She also donated to a stranger!)


The National Kidney Registry is also a great resource. If you are curious about starting a chain, or paired donation, this is a great place to start.