22 Kidney Donor Athletes

One Kidney Climb

KDA is using this climb to bring awareness to living donation, demonstrate what is possible post-donation, and to launch initiatives which inspire, support and educate people about the experience of living donation.

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The rooftop of Africa! Kilimanjaro! Kidney Donor Athletes stood on top of the tallest freestanding mountain in the world March 10, 2022, World Kidney Day.

During the climb hurdles were overcome, life long bonds established, and a message sent to all the world:

“The purpose of this climb is to show people around the world that it’s possible to thrive on one kidney,” said Tracey Hulick, founder of Kidney Donor Athletes.

“Something that’s important to all of us is to normalize kidney donations,” Patty Graham, said. “We’re not heroes, we’re normal people. We lead normal lives.”

Thanks to everyone who has supported this climb and to our dear friends at Embark Exploration Company for safely and expertly guiding our great adventure!

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The Details

Here’s the What/When/Where/Why of our big adventure!

Find out more about the dire need and the life saving benefits of living kidney donation.

Interesting facts about the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.


Learn more about this group of 22 kidney donor athletes from across the U.S. and Canada.

Natalie Nuce One Kidney Climb


Atlanta, GA

Samantha Carreiro One Kidney Climb


Boston, MA

Rebekah Thomas One Kidney Climb



Matthew Harmody One Kidney Climb


Charlotte, NC

Shannon Catalano One Kidney Climb


Dallas, TX

Andrea Coleman One Kidney Climb


Denver, CO

J'ne Day Lucore One Kidney Climb


Denver, CO

Patty Graham One Kidney Climb


Denver, CO

Jay Irwin One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Denver, CO

Chris Sullivan One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Denver, CO

Katie Wheeler One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Denver, CO

Emily Monterosso One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Detroit-Grand Rapids, MI

Stephanie Meyer One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Kansas City, MO

Kathryn Kamm One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Milwaukee, WI

Mike Peshut One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Minneapolis, MN

Steve Wilson One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


New York, NY

Tracey Hulick One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Portland, OR

Kristyn Nordfors One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Brewer, ME

Sarah Hawkins One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


San Luis Obispo, CA

Bobby McLaughlin One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Seattle, WA

Shawna One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Spokane, WA

Lucy Ryan One Kidney Climb - Kidney Donor Athletes


Vancouver, BC

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One Kidney Climb



Shannon’s Cause for climbing
Shannon’s Cause for climbing

Shannon knew at a young age that she might one day need to donate a kidney to her brother after he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Decades later, after a bone marrow donation was abruptly canceled, she knew it was time to donate a kidney. Her brother didn’t need...

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Samantha’s calling & Kili Climb
Samantha’s calling & Kili Climb

Samantha Carreiro was inspired to donate when she watched a friend pass away while searching for a bone marrow donor when she was younger. That experience changed her outlook on life and she knew in the future that given the chance to save another life while...

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Meet Kili Climber Patty
Meet Kili Climber Patty

Patty and other One Kidney Climbers met in Denver recently to train for the Kilimanjaro climb. Patty talked with the NBC affiliate in Denver about her upcoming journey. Patty was inspired to donate by her sister, who donated to their stepfather 15 years earlier. ...

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Rebekah’s Run for Mt. Kilimanjaro
Rebekah’s Run for Mt. Kilimanjaro

I would not call myself a hiker, but when the opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of fellow kidney donors came my way, it was not difficult to say YES to this incredible adventure, and do what I could to become a hiker.  So here I am, fundraising,...

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Emily’s Journey to Kilimanjaro
Emily’s Journey to Kilimanjaro

My name is Emily, and I have never been a mountain climber. In fact, I have a very vivid memory of the summer of 2008, when I was interning in Uganda: I went with a group of friends to climb a small mountain (more of a hill, really). At that time, I was not at all...

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