Kidney Donor Athletes has a new President! Congratulations to Bobby McLaughlin! He donated his kidney to a stranger on January 2nd of 2019, and has been an active member of KDA from that very day. He is a member of our Board of Directors, chairs the Events Committee, and is the lead organizer of our upcoming Kilimanjaro expedition!

Bobby on Middle Sister in central Oregon with KDA’s first president, Tracey Hulick, August 2019

Bobby is a perfect fit for this role of President for our organization. He is blessed with the time and capacity to run with this opportunity, has an incredible passion for our mission, and has the vision to further grow KDA.

But wait – will the original President (Tracey Hulick) still be involved? Of course! She will continue to serve on the Board of Directors and focus her efforts on the Programming Committee, which consists of everything she loved building early on! This is a humbling and exciting milestone to experience. This organization has grown to the point that we can give another person the opportunity to lead it while Tracey gets to focus on the parts she loves most – win-win! 😊

Please join the KDA Board of Directors in celebrating our President 2.0, Bobby McLaughlin!

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